About CLF

The Congressional Leadership Fund is a super PAC exclusively dedicated to winning a Republican Majority in the House of Representatives.

Founded in 2011, Congressional Leadership Fund has the endorsement of the entire House Republican Leadership. CLF supports candidates who promote the values of the center-right majority in the House of Representatives and counters efforts on the left, like Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In 2014, CLF scored a winning record for a second consecutive election cycle, helping elect the largest Republican House majority since 1929 and the most diverse freshman class in House GOP history. CLF spent over $11.5 million on House races and helped Republican candidates achieve victory.

In 2016, CLF raised over four times its fundraising total of any previous cycle. CLF entered October with a $33.3 million war chest. Our return on investment is extraordinary: 29 wins, 3 losses. On November 8, 2016 the American people wholesale rejected the liberal, big government mentality that has ruled Washington for the past eight years.

CLF is an independent-expenditure super PAC that operates independently of any federal candidate or officeholder.