In case you missed it, last week POLITICO reported on several Democratic candidates for Congress who are not supporting Nancy Pelosi and/or calling for new leadership.

Today, the Wall Street Journal reported how these Democratic candidates are taking campaign cash from Nancy Pelosi:

“According to federal election records, Mr. Brindisi has received $10,000 from Mrs. Pelosi’s political action committee, PAC to the Future, and another $4,000 from Mrs. Pelosi’s campaign itself. At the same time, Mr. Brindisi has said that if he wins in November, he won’t support Mrs. Pelosi to lead the Democrats.”

The level of hypocrisy here is through the roof…

“It’s absurd that Democratic candidates are calling for new leadership in Washington, yet taking campaign cash from Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic allies. These Democratic candidates should either return Pelosi’s campaign cash or tell the truth, that they stand with Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda.” – Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman.